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Hard-copy, print edition book
Peter Csizmadia-Honigh: The Wines of India, a Concise GuideFirst published in Great Britain in 2015 by The Press Publishing Ltd.
Copyright © The Press Publishing Ltd. 2015
Text, photography and map copyright © Peter Csizmadia-Honigh 2015
Map data copyright © Cosmographics Ltd. 2015
Managing editor: Peter Csizmadia-Honigh
Design: Joel Pascual Rodriguez
Design assistance: Tom Baber
Photography: Gábor Nagy
Images (Goa): Isabelle Laroche & Omar Honigh
Maps: Cosmographics Ltd
Index: Raj Mohan Krishnamoorthy
Copy editor: Lavanya Ray
Reader editor: Siobhan Turner
ISBN 978-0-9930359-1-3

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